Sudan’s Birthday

Dear friends and intercessors. Juli 2011
Happy birth day, Sudan!!!!!

Congratulations to all who have prayed for the birth of this new nation!
Big blessings to you all.
I just want to let you know that we made it safe to Sudan with the first all male team (except me) and back again.( see1. Quency from Bermuda preparing a vegetable nursery bed, 2. Aram, EMM at the drinking water spring, 3. Pr Ibrahim, Kenya, in the little 5 seater plane) It was a distinguished sense of relief, men walking through the fields, talking to bee keepers, and other men of the land, breaking through barriers of offices and intimidating situations, seeing possibilities and giving hope…..that is why I am mentioning it… friend Lili and I have been praying seriously since the beginning of this year, that the men of God would come out to take the stand that they have, as fathers, leaders, providers, protectors, teachers, priests, even in the nations…….and much more in a new born nation like Sudan. Mothers have always been there, they could not leave, that is why this trip was distinguished, yes the fathers are coming. Praise God. Pray for further release of men and women, and all God’s blessing, reconciliation, peace etc, that this new born nation needs.

Pls also pray for the next team, going up to Morobo during the first 2 weeks of August. They will hold a 10 days seminar for healing, discipleship, microfinance and other practical skills like soap making etc.

Praise God for Shekinah who finished her first term in school well, with new friends, being fund of her teachers, passionate about Maths, and also enjoying her first readings and writings.

Let me just give you some thoughts of mine on this subject, of the new nation, taken out of the book that will be published soon .…….One night, just about two months after we had moved to Yei, Sudan, 2009, suddenly I woke up in the night and felt an urgent need to pray for Pr Christopher ,the co visionary of the future healing centre. I did so and knew I had to get to him as soon as possible. The next morning, happy to find a car from my covering organization going through that village, we went off. It was rainy, and muddy, and I chastised myself for the next few hours of the journey for dragging my daughter through all this on such a day.

When we got there, I just wanted to board a motorbike taxi for the last part to the land, when the shopkeeper on the roadside told me, that Pr Christopher was actually in the Clinic near by I rushed over there, just to find him battling for his life. He was seriously cramping, and immediately I knew this was Tetanus, a septic blood infection. I was informed that he had had a motorbike accident a few days before, just after we had had our last meeting. The next hours were worse than I could ever imagine. Within twenty hours of being brought from Morobo, Pr. Banja stopped breathing. (It was the same hospital in very similar setting as just a
few years back for Colin.I shouted at him to come back. I cajoled, I whispered, I pleaded in Jesus name, he would not respond. Finally I sensed that the LORD had given him that option to stay but he chose paradise. He left a wife and 10 children behind..

What could I say? I suddenly felt as though death was laughing at me. That hellish monstrosity which had such a hold of this part of the world; this Eastern part of Africa and the horn of Africa which have experienced the worst kind of bloodshed in the entire continent; I am generally not a really scared or fearful person, but at that moment I felt deep fear. I had suddenly began to feel I did not know what I was dealing with in this nation. To say it was the darkest moment for me is an understatement. I cannot describe the sense of violation, the sense of vulnerability and the stripping away of a covering from my life. I felt exposed. It was a fearful place to be For a moment there, I understood the people who experience disaster upon disaster so that some of them end up believing that God moved away from their land. It is too defiled for Him to return.

What followed were four of the longest, darkest, days We had funeral preparations going on, Simultaneously I had to concentrate on around forty leaders of the Scripture Union movement in about six High schools of Yei.

We had made plans to run those seminars with Pr. Banja. We were supposed to hold the four day seminar with these youth, full board at the place where I stayed. There had been no time to cancel the meeting as Pr. Banja had just died the day before. The youth started arriving the day after Pastor’s death and I had no option but to host them, get food ready and get up to teach. I cried so much, but now because I saw these children, the children and youth of the land, with a determination that cannot be put into

I felt such awe when I was looking into their eyes and sensing the passion for Jesus and for their nation. They knew beyond doubt, that they are the chosen generation who would see with their own eyes the fulfilment of Isaiah 18, when this broken and blood drenched nation would finally turn to the LORD and bring gifts to mount Zion. There they were standing around me with a dignity that only a calling could preserve, and with a determination that I had never seen anywhere else in the whole world. In their eyes I could see the Sudan that God sees. Though they have been so broken, so humiliated, left without the dignity of a national identity, rejected by their own country men from the north, they still could stand and worship God with so much passion, so much love. They know very little of the Bible yet they love God as though he has given them all the material things which most of the church calls “blessings.” Yet the incorruptible seed of salvation has remained strong in these youth.

Southern Sudan is a nation which through her tribulations has been a last stumbling block against the onslaught of Islam from flowing down to the rest of Africa. It is in her standing through adversity that the rest of Africa has been spared much more suffering that it already experiences.

I looked at the radiant worshipping faces of these young people who represent the bleeding Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa. Their eyes carry the history of generations of persecution for embracing Christianity resolutely. They have been struck down
again and again, but not destroyed, they have been persecuted but have not been abandoned. They represent the resilience, the strength of the heart of this continent. A heart which beats even under the worst oppression the worst rape of her resource by foreign nations, the worst betrayals of many kinds. Still these people have staggered up, the heart of this continent has still echoed a strong heart-beat for the things of God. As I looked at them I just knew in my heart…. because they have stood so Africa shall stand.

During these four days I also knew beyond a doubt, that I am a mother, and a mother cannot run away. These children need mothers and fathers to lead and mentor them into their most awesome calling, the calling to give birth to a nation and walk this nation into their destiny.

One year later, as I write this, I seem to see a bit more of the whole picture. The enemy tried to take away the few fathers of this already very fatherless nation, and by doing so break the spirit of the mothers. He tried to discourage the mothers beyond recovery, but still the nation is going to be born. What he tried to do will be turned around for the glory of God. The mothers of this nation shall only grow stronger. They shall arise like Hannah. Even though she had suffered, she brought forth the purposes of God when she looked beyond her own personal desires. She gave her son to God.

The mothers of this nation will bring forth that which God has purposed. As many other mid-wives who are encouraging the birthing of this nation through their intercessions. God has purposed it and it shall come to pass. I am excited to be part of the making of this history in a very, very small way. I am excited for the things that God is going to do in the coming days. In the coming days God’s ancient promises are coming through in front of our vey eyes, and the laughing monstrous demonic faces of death will be turned around to the cry of a new born baby, the significance of new life! The laughter of mothers, the relieved
sighs of midwives, will arise as a praise to the LORD for that which He has purposed to do in these days.

There is a deeper level of repentance going on in the land for the bloodshed, as people get understanding of their destiny; then they will forgive and release, as clans will reconcile each other, as a new generation of fathers will be born and this next generation will be taught by the LORD, as excellent schools and tertiary institutions, hospitals, farming projects and thriving cities whose architect and builder will be Jehovah Himself! I am so excited for the seeds that have fallen to the ground. I know that one day in a very short while God will turn the face of this nation because of the willingness of so many sung and unsung heroes of the faith.