Morobo Reconciliation Project 10-15 April 2011


Morobo Reconciliation project 10-15 April 2011

 In 1918, a lady who was working in a white man’s property, was given the work of preparing okra. She sorted out the okra and threw out the waste.

Panyabo Clan representatives narrative

Panyabo Clan representatives narrative

The white man got angry and slapped her because he said she should not have thrown anything away.

In response to that offensive incident the Panyabo clan from which she came, gathered together with the clan which places curses on people. They sat in a circle, slaughtered a black chicken, took its beheaded body and invoked a curse on the white people.

These two clans then made an oath that no foreigner would ever have settle in Morobo, nor have success there.

Hedi sharing the testimony

Hedi sharing the testimony

True to this word, Morobo, which is the nearest county to the border with Uganda and DR Congo, has never experienced much in terms of development. Morobo which is also situated in the most fertile part of Southern Sudan, has not maximized its potential in Agriculture and food production. Surprisingly, every organization which has come into southern Sudan, by-passes Morobo and goes to set up in Yei and other towns and villages.

The only organization which has stayed in Morobo is SCOM at Kanyara Worship Centre.

Morobo County has only one secondary school in a one-block building. There are very few primary schools and the health facilities are virtually non-existent.

The curse has held on to the land.

Following a season of prayer concerning the redemptive purpose for Morobo, in a conversation with one pastor from Morobo area, Hedi of Shekinah Foundation was narrated to, about that incident that took place many years ago. As she prayed about it, the Lord revealed that this incident is one of the areas which set precedence for the lack of development in Morobo county.

In response, she wrote a letter to Pr. Immanuel of SPC Yei to help organize a meeting where she would seek repentance on behalf of the white man and foreigners in general, and seek for forgiveness from the offended clan, and the people of Southern Sudan in general. Her offer was accepted and the fellowship of church leaders embraced the idea and a day of Prayer and reconciliation was set for 15th April 2011. Hedi and a team of six persons from Uganda, Kenya and Paraguay also attended the meeting.

The team included:

  •  George Seth Nyaundi
  • Salome Khatundi Lukorito
  • Doris Dueck Wieler
  • Faith Lakisa
  • Shekinah Colline Lee
  • Hedwig Lee Unrau
  • Lily Mudasia

The team comprised of a number of people who have potential to work in Morobo in various areas of community development, The program for the day would include a partial fast. Different church groups from across all denominations in Morobo were invited. Also the landlords, chiefs and government officials from the Commissioner’s office, and youth were invited. The groups included:

  • Episcopalian (Methodist) church of Sudan – 6
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church – 6
  • Roman Catholic Church – 6
  • Chiefs from various payams in Morobo – 6
  • Sudan Pentecostal Church – 6
  • House of Prayer Church – 6
  • Anglican Church of Sudan – 6
  • Panyabo (the offended) Clan members – 4
  • Landlord of Ombasi Keliko
  • Youth from various church denominations
  • Commissioner & his government team – 6

The meeting had a total of 132 people. The program for the meeting ran as follows:

  • Opening prayer
  • Praise and Worship session
  • Introduction of various participants
  • Testimony of narrative by Hedi
Hedi washing feet of clan reps

Hedi washing feet of clan reps

  • Testimony of the actual events by the grandchildren of the offended Panyabo clan
  • Repentance by Hedi
  • Response from Panyabo Clan spokesperson
  • Washing of feet of clan representatives by Hedi and team as sign of repentance and blessing to the clan
  • Prayer of rededication of land to God and Holy Communion as sign of new covenant with God by Pastor George assisted by Sudan pastors team
  • Altar call for salvation
  • Word of encouragement (2Chron 7:14-15) by Pastor Isaac Gaga

General intercession for:

  • Morobo
  • Development activities in Morobo
  • Government of Southern Sudan
  • The New nation of Southern Sudan
  • Vote of Thanks and closing prayer by Bishop Elias Languya
  • Luncheon for all participants
  • 2 Group meetings for youth and church leaders on August 2011 Springs of Living water project
Hedi & clan reps group photo

Hedi & clan reps group photo

Having accepted the reconciliation and repentance, the Panyabo clan representatives had a discussion with the Shekinah Foundation and Church leaders fellowship representatives where they pledged to go back and gather their entire Panyabo clan, and the clan which specializes in placing curses. They would share the activities that had taken place at Ombasi Keliko meeting, and seek repentance from God for the curses that they have invoked on their land which have hindered development.

Shekinah foundation and the church fellowship leaders offered to contribute a goat and some food supplies and some help to facilitate that particular meeting.

Observation We believe that in seeking forgiveness and reconciliation the Lord will begin to move in a mighty way over the land of Morobo and by extension across the New Sudan.

Also the response by the Panyabo clan, to go back and carry out their own repentance at clan level, is the first fruit of this reconciliation. It is our prayer that this action which will have a domino effect across Morobo. As more people witness the effects of this action, then they too will go back and do likewise. On 13th four members had a day’s trip to Yei to get acquainted with the town. On 14th the team had a fact finding mission in nearby areas of of Morobo county including the Ombasi Keliko Primary school. It is more than 50 years old and has only 3 government teachers and 5 volunteers who manage 400 pupils. The government transferred the last head teacher so the school has no head teacher. Then they went to a clinic which serving the entire Morobo county i.e. from Kaya to Gulumbi. They had two nurses and one mid-wife who communicates only in Arabic. She was transferred from Yei so there is a language barrier. One nurse just died on 13th while we were there. All patients who were admitted ran away in fear. This is a huge loss to the community at large.

Team prophetic tree planting

Team prophetic tree planting

The clinic receives at least 15 women on daily basis in various stages of labor. The maternal mortality rate is very high. In March alone, 3 women who came to the hospital 4 died. This does not mention those who give birth at home. There are no basic facilities for labour. There is no laboratory and no lab technician but one apprentice. In the night there is no staff and no health support for any emergencies. The team also visited the local market as it was a market-day. There is little on sale at the market in terms of local produce, yet there is much demand for food products in the general territory. One thing which was noted, was that there is need for their own cottage industry as almost everything is imported. There is much potential for agriculture, small business enterprises, health facilities, laboratories, educational facilities especially early childhood and adult literacy etc. The team discovered that 85% of the population in all of Southern Sudan is completely illiterate. The team then had a prophetic tree planting ceremony where they planted 27 fruit trees at the fellowship compound. The day of Prayer was on 15th April from 10am to 4pm. The Prayer day budget consisted of the following: (Sdpds = Sudanese Pounds)

  • 2 Goats @125 + transport Sdpds 30 280
  • Cassava flour + grinding 95
  • Ruwenzori water 4 boxes 96
  • Fish 40 Sugar 40
  • Meat 74
  • Soda 140
  • Tomato 10
  • Maize Flour 12
  • Rice 17
  • Onions 10
  • Beans & Kerekede 17
  • Typing and Printing program 20
  • Soap 8
  •  Empty Sacks 6
  • Lunch on market day 30
  • Bodaboda 27
  • Transport of benches 35
  • Transport for Pastor Emmanuel 50
  • Lunch in Yei 51 Bodaboda from Yei 12
  • From Yei to Morobo 205
  • Banana 5
  • Coffee and Tea leaves 5
  • Trees & transport 38
  •  Contribution to Mama Lucy 120
  • Contingencies 300
  • TOTAL 2574 

  • Disposable cups, spoons and plates
  • Kenylon Tomato paste
  • Teepee Wooden toothpicks
  • Roiko Mchuzi Mix
  • Melvin’s Tangawizi Tea
  • Tang Orange flavor Juice
  • Tea Masala (Ksh) 4928
  • Rice (Ksh) 2700
  • Bread (Ksh) 450
  • Taxi to Akamba Bus (Ksh)
  • 700 Akamba to Kpl and back x6 (Ksh) 13,200
  • Taxi from Westland-Guesthouse (Ksh) 450
  • TOTAL 22,428 
  • Taxi in Kpl (Ush) 140,000
  • Gaga to Koboko and back (Ush) 369,000
  • Transport of luggage (Ush) 24,000
  • Accom. in Kpl (Lily) (Ush) 30,000
  • Panyabo clan contribution (Ush) 200,000
  • TOTAL 763,000 
  • Visas (US$) 650
  •  Taxi Koboko-Morobo & back (US$) 230
  • Transport Lily (US$) 185
  • TOTAL 1,065 
  • Kpl accomm. 2 nights (sponsored by Mr & Mrs Geoffrey Tindimwebwa)
  • Coffee for function (contributed by Eva Mutua Dormans Ltd)
  • TOTAL AVERAGE IN US$ ~ 2,500 

In Conclusion 

Team with hosts Tindimwebwas in Kpl. Pic by Salome (not in photo)

Team with hosts Tindimwebwas in Kpl. Pic by Salome (not in photo)

The team had a safe trip back on 16-17th April 2011. We are thankful for all the prayer support received from various friends who were aware of the meeting.

We believe that the other projects planned for Morobo and Ombasi Keliko in particular will be able to take off with much more promise following the prayer day and continued intercession for the region.

We continue to listen for what the Lord God is directing us to do in order to do our small part in the rebuilding of Morobo county and Southern Sudan in general.

Team with hosts Tindimwebwas in Kpl. Pic by Salome (not in photo) 

Prepared by Lily Mudasia 17 April 2011



  1. Thank you so much for this powerful report. May God bless you all and open the doors for His Kingdom to advance in this region.

  2. DEar Hedy and Shekinah!!! Thanks for the letter !! God bless you as you recover totaly from the malaria!! We will pray tomorrow at church for you both!! may Shekinah have a good start at school!!!! WE miss you!!! hugs from paraguay!!!

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