Sudan Update

Dear friends.

Yesterday we arrived back safely from our trip to Sudan, Morobo, the historical site of our ambush 5 years ago, and a place that is going to be transformed, as you will read on. Let me write you short what has happened.

Shekinah enjoyed the trip exceptionally, and we were all most of the time healty. I took a team with us of some future missionaries for Sudan.

Salome a missionary daughter of friends of mine for the last 15 years, she is going to graduate Community work end of this year, during some periods of her long university years we have been able to support her financially.

Faith, who was one of my disciples when I lived in Gulu, Northern Uganda, a former LRA, a sweet lovely woman of God, she was sponsored by friends in Bermuda and will graduate as a Lab technician this June.

Doris my friend and art teacher from Paraguay

Pr George, a Kenyan Mennonite pastor who has had a burden for Sudan over 6 years, he has wife and 4 children.

Lilli, my strongest Kenyan friend and support during most of my latest challenges over the last 6 years, who has been with me several times in Sudan, writes our book, and has been strongly involved with things developing in Morobo.

On the way we also met with Rose, who will be the first on this team actually settling I Morobo, she is the daughter of the late Pr Christopher Banja, the one who says that she carries the mantle of her dad, she will be graduating Micro finances in June.

I never knew that all of these one day would be joining us in this vision of helping Sudan give birth to its new nation.

It took us 2 and half days to reach Morobo, and sure enough we were exhousted by than. After a few hours of rest the team started to enjoy and explore the place. During the next few days the team visited the humble Hospital and discovered that there is no lab experienced worker, and very few tools, they would receive Faith with open arms, as well as a doctor, nurse’s tools etc.

Salome would be a perfect person to do all types of empowerment and encouragement in the community.

We also bought trees ad planted as team our first 28 trees at the mission’s land that was given to me or as it is now called, the Shekinah foundation.

The most important reason of our tour, besides helping the future missionaries on their spying and prayer trip, was the day of Reconciliation on the 15th of April. This surely became a historical event.
Background: Last year when I spent a few months in Sudan I searched for more information why Morobo is so strategic, but at the same time so seemingly dark.

Than I was told the story that happened alms thundered years ago, of a white man slapping the face of the wife of a chief in Morobo.

After that the clan of the chief had come together, slaughtered a black chicken and spoken out oracles that from now on, no foreign people should be able to settle in this land of Morobo which is a whole county of Sudan. Since than exactly that has happened, most NGOs and other foreigners as they pass through Morobo, which is at the border of 3 nations, therefore an entry gate, but almost no one has stopped to settle or to help at this county.

I felt that I as a white person should go to Morobo and ask for forgiveness, standing in the gap for all the whites that have abused, enslaved humiliated and exploited Morobo and Southern Sudan.

The big day: With this agenda, the my pastors friends invited chiefs and members of that offended tribe, as well as witnesses from all churches and authorities in Morobo. We were a congregation of about 140 people.

I cried when God helped me feel the pain in his heart about white men so often having misinterpreted and misrepresented him.

After repenting, and washing the feet of the representatives of that clan, they stood up in shock and said they had never known that there is something like this. They spook out forgiveness and simultaniously realized that they were responsible for the lack of development in their county; all repented and asked us to return and bring all our friends, to help the nation to be built up again. Than we all prayed for the healing of the land, rededicating it to God, and praying for the new nation of Sudan.

We celebrated the Holy Communion, and than celebrated with a big meal we had organized.

We strongly believe that this was a historical moment in Morobo, and they shall see what they have asked, their county shall become a land of peace and prosperity, which is the lemma of their county, and it can even become the bread basket of Sudan, there is unspeakable agricultural possibilities, as well as in all areas of development.

Thank the Lord with us, that he has led us and brought us back safely.

Pray with us, as things now unfold even much faster as ever expected
May God bring people, experts in agriculture, development, health, empowerment of pastors, politics, youth, women, etc, healing and worship retreats, etc, may God bring people who will build up housings to receive and host us, at the moment we all sleep in Mama Lucy hut, the widow of late Pr Christopher, but our surprise was big to also see the humble church family building up the first visitors hut and toilet (hole in the ground with grass around)

The whole trip with all the transport, feeding and feasting, as well as tree planting and visas, cost us about 2,500 USD. Lilli has written a more complete report; please ask for it if you desire to get it.(Lilli encouraged me to give you more details on things as Shekinah Fundation starts developing)

Grateful to our father in heaven who allows us to be part of History,
Blessings and love to you all