Global Day of Prayer for Sudan Dec. 5th

Dearest friends and intercessors.
I am sitting here in our neighbours compound, using my friends computer and listening to the worship of a women group, rehearsing for Sunday. I wish you could hear the worship of Jesus bride in this nation, specially considering the price this church has paid, of pain, separation from family for many reasons, slavery, terror and war etc…..
I wish you could be present to feel the pulse of the heart of this Southern part of Sudan, longing for freedom, (you surely know that the referendum on the 9^th of Janaury is about the big decision if the South can finally be separated from the oppressive isl North) there is such longing to be free,to make their own decisions, be treated as humans, get the chance for education, which has been so downgraded, get the chance to grow economically and come out of the pit of poverty and ignorance, and of curse the chance to grow spiritually.
I wish you could hear the conviction of the young people, that they actually are the generation that is going to see promises fulfilled, even the ones of Is 66 of a new nation being born, and Is 18, bringing gifts to the Lord of host at Mount Zion, the gift of their life and worship.
I would love you to try these roads just for a day, where just a few miles or kms can take up to 3 -4 hours ride with so many potholes, with many trucks stuck on the road sometimes for weeks, with more dust you ever desire, but in midst of it the hospitable smile of the villagers, who, when you get stuck are right there to sell you some on charcoal baked corn or some sweet bananas.
And just feel the smell when we go into the market of most towns, where you find sun dried fish (and if you don’t know the direction of the market, just open your nose and try to find the smell of something that seems spoiled (but you would be surprised how tasty that same fish is after removing the uninvited inhabitants from it, and boil it with Peanut sauce and spices, surely one of the favourite dish for Shekinah and me, and at least economic)
Than of curse you find bananas, mangos at season, tomatoes, avocados and onions ,that’s our weekly shopping, and you prepare the sweetest meals on your little Kerosene cooker
We are also so blessed to have water right outside of the compound, where there is a borehole with fresh water gushing out as you pump it up, for hundreds of people per borehole.(others have to walk much further)
I would love to welcome you here, and become part of the most historic time of Sudan. Pls join us in prayer as we walk into a International day of prayer for Sudan next week.
Shekinah and I have been so blessed to be here at this incredible special time. I have had some chance to minister on Healing of the Broken hearted and just encourage people into their destiny and calling, for 3 weeks in a Bible school, where Shekinah also had the chance to go to the school for the kids of the Bible teachers and staff. It was a great experience for both of us.
We have a lot of time to just be here, love and pray for the nation.
I also had the privilege to be at one of the monthly worship rallies of the Youth of Yei. One Saturday a month all the quires of different denominations a few thundereds young people come together to just worship the Lord and establish his Throne (as we read, God is enthroned amongst the praises of his people) That day started a bit like performance and ended up as a holy and pleasing sweet smelling incense to the Lord. I was deeply moved to see it, since I had just encouraged them last year to start worshiping together. The last 3 days of this month we are actually going to worship with them, for one day in different orphanages, next day in bars and dark places, and last day, worship walking from different directions, through the streets till ending up together at the Freedom square with a big praise.
*_Our next step forward:_*
Finally we have come to terms about where to settle for the next season of our lives, specially of Shekinah?s schooling start and season. It has been a difficult decision, since I didn’t hear the clear voice from heaven telling me what to do, and I felt afraid of making the wrong decision, but after much prayer and some closed doors but a friendly invitation from another source, we made the decision and after that I feel at peace. We will be moving to Nairobi, to a lovely compound of the Mennonite Guesthouse and Missions office, into a sweet cottage which we can rent. It is a very child friendly environment, with some International families and some Kenyan families living in the compound and several kids of Shekinah?s age. So we finally come to the extended family we have been praying for a long time. There are great school opportunities for Shekinah in Nairobi, and as for my involvement, I am sure the Lord will lead me step by step. God is the most glorified in us when we are the most satisfied in him. I believe I will be in a position of mentoring people from the neighbouring nations living here, still be able to go for some teaching and ministry into these nations, and maybe even help a new generation of missionaries to be raised out of the nations and help them into their calling. My prayer is, that even if I step back from the front lines, that the mantle may be handed over and anointing multiplied many times.
Well, Nairobi is a city, quite civilized, with supermarkets and all the rest……those that were afraid to visit me in the bush, now surely you can start planning your trip. Welcome!!!!!
Just to finish, I once more plead with you to pray for Sudan, and for God’s purpose to be fulfilled, as well as all the other nations in God’s heart.
With much love and big blessings
Hedi with Shekinah

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  1. Dear Sister Hedi.

    Thanks for droping a copy of your docu- narative for me…. I was so touched that I couldn’t stop the “water” drops (very un African… laughter) i love you so dearly. may the Lord bless you and Shekinah. i am back in Yei. Hope to see you someday. we have lots to discuss……. I pray many shall receive their healing as they watch this film. Send me a mail so we can communicate. SHALOM

    Joshua Ishaku

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