Update from Hedi

Dear friends and intercessors.
Big love and blessings to you. Thank you so much for all your prayer support on this road back to Africa. We have been on the road for more than 6 weeks, and here I send you a few glimpses.

13. Sept.
We have had a wonderful time in Brazil. I have been sharing a lot with Fatima’s Mom, who is preparing her heart to release her daughter, who had the original calling to Africa and the som people. It was through her that God touched my heart for that nation. Now after about 15 years, where she has been struggling with serious heart conditions and several surgeries, she sees her time arriving soon to yet go and bless the nations of the Horn of Africa. We also had a very deep touching time with Pr Filadelfo, the one who once sent me out. He has been such a blessing to me in the past as he was the first one who seriously discipled me. Now it was my turn to bless and encourage him.
Than finally we flew over England to Kenya, where we have been received so kindly at the Place of our African Pastors over all the years, Pr Ibrahim and Diane Omondi. We are so grateful to them, who have welcomed us countless times when traveling into the nations, usually stopping here for a few days.

We have arrived safely in South Africa, Kindly we were taken to the Ellel centre and almost literally carried into our beds, Shekinah and I were so tired. It reminded me of the dream I once had. We are getting to know the team of Ellel, wonderful people, with the centre in the outskirts of Pretoria, It reminds us a bit of home, durst roads and dry bushes, the same ones we have, they also are waiting for the rain. It is amazing that this lovely place is actually part of a 27 million population city, actually 2 citiees grown together, Pretoria and Johannesburg. There are also great schools near by, Shekinah and I have visited a few. We have also made friends with little Sabu, who’s mother took us to a school concert, where Sabu was part of a dance. It was a dream to see these kids singing, dancing, playing instruments and passionately developing their artistic and cultural gifts. I was just imagining how Shekinah’s many cultures that are represented in her, could flourish in such a setting.
Well, we have had some long conversations with the leadership of Ellel about the possibility of us being part of their ministry. As I have shared with many, I just feel to overwhelmed to pioneer the vision of such a centre right now in any part of Sudan, or anywhere. I feel so vulnerable personally and also so much want to b mom first at this wonderful stage of Shekinah’s life. Since the leadership of Ellel is still praying about the decision fr a bout a month, we just continue trusting in God that he has our lives in his hands, and also our future.

I had the chance to be part of their healing retreat. They usually have long waiting lists, but Thanks God I could be part of it, and the Lord really touched me in many areas again, specially taking away the power of the lie, that I am responsible for so much death. He truly is the restorer of our lives, even after much brokenness.

24th September
After 8 wonderful days in Pretoria, we are back in Kenya for a few days before heading towards Uganda and Sudan.
Shekinah and her friends are exploring every corner of this compound, and praying with all the toys she brought from home, I am so happy we took them, in spite of all the luggage. We are also able to invite some of our som. friends for lunch and hear about the situation in Somal. Truly our brothers and sisters need all our prayer.
1. October
I feel like in a grinding mill, back in Gulu, Nothern Uganda. But it has nothing to do with the circumstances outside, just with my heart trying to process so many things.

But than suddenly we are surprised by the news, that Favor of God is just having a 2 months Portable Bible school, their first one in Sudan. And can you imagine what place they have chosen, amongst the thousands of places? Well, Morobo. And Shekinah and I can go together with them, since they are just to take more provision for the 58 pastors and lay leaders meeting there. We have just a week here to meet everyone in Gulu, before proceeding.
We are participating in a few kids parties, with some of the old friends, as I had promised to Shekinah. But the biggest fun she is having with her little friend Blessing. that’s also where we are kindly hosted.

We are amazed to hear the several ministries are moving on and feel blessed that they had been part of our school of Healing and Destiny. It gave some of them the start for their ministries.
We also had a class gathering and here are some of the testimonies:

11. October
After a wonderful time in Gulu, we proceeded to Sudan. We stayed for a week in Morobo, I had the wonderful chance to teach at the Portable Bible school. This was an answer of prayer, since I had desired for a long time to gather the leaders of this region and encourage and bless them. They were so open to every word, so deep repentant and wanting healing and desiring a new generation.
Than we joined the 3 days of fasting and prayer in Morobo, where all churches came together praying for their nation and the big upcoming decisions, and the referendum coming up in January. All over South Sudan there is prayer going on for hundred days. It is a request from the Southern Government. There was again much prayer, repentance and rejecting family altars and worship of other gods, crying out fo healing of the land and a new generation. We feel so privileged to be here at such a time as this, and to be part of these very important months. Please pray for Sudan.
As for Morobo, this was the first time that it did not seem so dark to me. God’s light is stronger than darkness.

Finally we got to Yei, where we have been so kindly received by our neighbors the wonderful german family with 4 kids. It has been heaven for Shekinah, while I cleaned up my hut and we moved in.
We are doing fine and having some time to connect with friends, before starting teaching at a Bible school coming Monday.
Thank you so much for all your love and prayer, as well as any support.
We surely are grateful to be able to visit and encourage everyone at this time. Please pray for our next step, and that the Lord takes us home, wherever he wants our home to be for the next season, since Shekinah starts school early next year.

After reading Hebrews 11 many times, I am aware more than before, that God is proud of us, not because we have achieved the goal already, or have seen the fulfillment of the vision he gave us, but he is proud of us, because, we believed, we trusted, we held on, waiting for the bigger vision, eternity in his Glory, and what most matters most, He himself. He, Jesus is our LIFE.
With love
Hedi and Shekinah

Testimonies of my former students from Gulu:
1. After the school I have been able to hold a position as a chair person at a secular job, having wisdom in conflict management and resolving conflicts wisely, Thanks God.
2. During those 3 months God restored my brokenness, now I am back in College and even being able to be a blessing as leader of Focus in our school, leading prayer and discipleship for the students.
3.God has given me a ministry in the Hospital, many are getting healed physically and spiritually
4. I am the most blessed. After that school I opened a church, and was able to stand the persecution and intimidation of the people. I used to be so rejected and having fear of more rejection, so this is a miracle that I was able to stand even in spite of intimidation and wisely, without running away, stand till the ministry became strong. I also got married, here is my ring, I am one of the 147 couples that got married last year on one day, sponsored by a church for people who want to stand rightly under marriage covering as we have learned, but not having the funds to do a big wedding. I am so proud. I am now living under rightful covering with my wife.
5. I am one of the former LRA soldiers. I was set free from bitternes during the school. I have been in different places, even in my home village, sharing on forgiveness ad sensing a strong anointing. Go has also blessed us, for my husband and I are part of the 147 couples getting married, after having been together for many years…….you can almost not recognize hhim anymore…….he cried during the wedding, and received Jesus, being so toched by so kind church people. Evenmy father came, after I had forgiven him, he was the first to enter the church during wedding day.
6. God has opened doors for me to go to nursing school, I can´t express the joy I feel, and now we even started prayer in nursing school, I am able to share the message we learned in the training every where.
7 After that school God confirmed hos calling on my life, right now I am in Bible school to be even better equipped.
8. I have gone through the most difficult time, for my household is broken down. My husband has left me……But now I have forgiven, and i brokennes I am sharing his message.
9. Forgiveness is a process. I always excused myslef that I am who I am becouse of what happened to me, but slowly I am able to see the truth and be set free, ad become what was God´s original plan for me.
10.I have often forgive those that did not pay the mazonry work I didi for them, it was not easy but what could I do, I have realized, that when I forgiv, even after a year of delay, that´s when they suddenly would call me and pay back their depths. You see, as mazon I work in many places, and stay there for a few weeks till the project is finished. That´s just enought time to minister the whole message we have learned to the comunity. Oh,. God is soo good.