Updated Prayer Points for Mamma Shekinah Film



You do not test the resources of God until you attempt the impossible. F.B. Meyer
There are three stages in any work of God, impossible, difficult, done. Hudson Taylor


Loved Friends,

 God has continually demonstrated His great generosity of heart to us through you.  We have been so humbled at the willingness of many talented people who have come together in this labor of love for the Kingdom.  Many of you have prayed, given, encouraged, and helped bring the Mama Shekinah docu-narrative into being.  We are so thankful.  

We have now shown the film to Hindu’s, Jews, young college students, Christians, non-Christians, and we’re pleased to say that in all our focus audiences, it has touched the hearts of many, including  pre-Christians of any age, and college students.

We are thrilled to tell you after the impossible, and difficult stage we are at the done stage as far as the film itself.  Now we need your prayers for one of the most important parts, distribution. Of course distribution involves a whole galaxy of opportunities and pitfalls.  We really need God’s wisdom. (If you have famous friends who might view it and if they like it, give us an endorsement we’d welcome it!)

Since we last wrote….

  1. Joey has spent zillions of hours editing. (He’s my hero with the patience of Jesus).
  2. Dustin Bocks created the Poster art, and an American version of the cover art  (I’ve attached it above).
  3. Our Kenyan friend, John Paul Ouko has translated it into Swahili
  4. Our Romanian friend, Aura Serb has translated it into Romanian
  5. Emily Glasner has written original piano for the film
  6. Jesse Glasner has helped us edit the music.
  7. We’ve entered it into the South African 1st International Christian Film Festival, Transforming Stories. If it wins, it will be shown at Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism III in  Cape Town, South Africa in October.

If you’d like to arrange a showing for your church or small group when it’s released in August 15th, all we ask is the following;

  1. That the film showing be well promoted among your members. For a church this might include showing a 2 minute clip on a Sunday morning. For a small group it may be directing them to our web site www.mamashekinah.com to view online a two minute clip (click on trailer) and encouraging people to invite their friends.
  2. That a moment of silence be given at the end of the film with the question  “Is there anyone I need to forgive?” Some showings will be called “Nights of Healing” with prayer teams ready to pray with anyone at the end of the showing that God is touching regarding forgiveness.
  3. A love offering be taken. The proceeds of this film will be split equally after expenses between Mama Shekinah who has much specific vision for East Africa and many open doors, and Reignbridge, who would like to bring you more amazing transformative stories.  Checks can me made out to Reignbridge
  4. Copies of Mama Shekinah will be made available at the back for purchase and the spread of this powerful story.  Please assign someone to oversee this table.
  5. We are also open to being with the film to introduce it on occasion. You can contact us if you’re interested.

 We have seen this film powerfully touch pre-Christians.  One of Joey’s clients told him yesterday she didn’t want her children to see it as she didn’t want them to see her crying through it.   A Kenya grad student told us it was all he could do to keep from crying throughout the film. 

We are anticipating the Lord using this film in many ways, including salvation and healing as others see the testimony of joy and forgiveness as is so evidenced in the story of Mama Shekinah. 

We, of course have new costs in the distribution/foreign translation phase.  If any of you feel the Lord nudging you to give to this film we would welcome your financial gifts as you sow into this phase of seeing the film go to the nations. You can do that on the www.mamashekinah.com page or by snail mail.  Please make your check payable to REIGNBRIDGE and mail to 540 West Highland Drive, Camarillo, Ca. 93010

As you know, we have sought to marinate this film in prayer. We would so love you to join us if you live in America, on our prayer conference call this Saturday at 8 am Pacific Standard time. Even if you can be on the call just 5 or 10 minutes we would so love you to join us.  The information to call in is listed below:

 Prayer Conference Call
 Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4810
 Participant Access Code: 205666#

We anticipate the film being available by August 15th.  You may order it from www.mamashekinah.com after that date.

Thank you for being in this God adventure with us. May His fame and renown continue to increase through you.


Fawn and Joey Parish


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