Mama Shekinah Film Project

In Paraguay, as Hedi realized that God wanted her to work some time in San Paulo, she stood up from our prayer time and said that she was going to study Portuguese. I asked her:”Who is going to teach you? Well she is going to search if there a some Brazilian people who live in our town. The next day she was on her bike searching for Brazilians in our town. No surprise she found them. It was a couple Edi and Salmira. After some time with Mate´and Terere´(a tipikal drink for Paraguayen) they started to meet for Bible study, after a few weeks this couple accepted Jesus as their Savior. The Brasilien Bible study was growing. Hedy was now inviting me to meet her new friends and they were quite a lot. Today we have a Brazilian speaking church and for sure this people don´t remember the first missionary.
That was a part of Hedi she was not searching to be famous, she wanted to be obedient to her Lord Jesus.
In a year or so she was on the way to San Paulo. Speaking Portuguese and ready to serve the Lord. She saved some money for her trip, but the money never held her back. She could enter in a bus and ask the driver for permission to travel without paying the ticket. She simply said:”I have to travel in this bus and cannot pay, could I stay?  The bus driver would simply respond:”Yes.”
-Anna Rempel

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