Tears mixed with joy yesterday as hundreds flocked to the funeral of murdered Bermudian aid worker Colin Lee More than 600 friends and relatives packed the First Church of God, North Shore, to say a final farewell to a man whom the service heard “gave his life to God”.Bermuda was left stunned when Mr. Lee was brutally gunned down by a gang of suspected rebels while he was carrying out missionary work in Africa.Yesterday’s congregation included Mr. Lee’s pregnant widow, Hedwig, who was at her husband’s side as he was murdered in Sudan.

Before his death, Mr. Lee had been working as a trauma counsellor helping war victims in conflict-ridden Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda for the last two years.

Despite her husband’s savage murder and her harrowing brush with death, Mrs. Lee has vowed to carry on living and working in Africa.And the Pastor also revealed how Mrs. Lee told that if it was not for her pregnancy and the fact she needed rest, she would be back out in Africa on missionary work now.Earlier, Bishop Vernon Lambe told the service how Mr. and Mrs. Lee both shared a passion to give their lives in Christian service.

A nine-strong choir then sang a song penned by Mr. Lee, who was a talented musician in Bermuda before he turned to God.

The tribute said the former Francis Patton and St. George’s Secondary School pupil worked as a mason and carpenter at various construction firms before meeting Mrs. Lee, a long-standing member of IAS, and heading out to Africa.It said it was typical of Mr. Lee to place his life on the line for others, and told how he once claimed responsibility for a crime to help a friend.The talented musician, former frontman of The Burning Ice, had also won a singing contest that saw him perform at the famous Apollo Theatre, New York.His youngest sister, Gayllhia, said: “I know that if Colin would have recovered he would have returned to witness to the same people who shot him without hesitation.”The island of Bermuda is in a state of shock, and at no time in recent history has there been such an outpouring of grief and pain as at our loss.”She added: “The lives Colin touched will go untold, but not unrecorded in heaven.”

Colin and Hedwig i


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