It is June 2012

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Dear friends and intercessors, it is June 2012
Here just a short note to tell you that Shekinah and I are doing sooooooo well. We live in our own wonderful home, with a few more sisters from church and the 6 yar old son of one of them, a little precious family.  Since Janaury we are at home in Paraguay. Shekinah has transitioned well from the British school system in Kenya to a German/Spanish here. She also enjoys very much being part of lots of children’s ministry, which is all I seem to be involved in now by my own request. And oh, you should see her dancing. We only have one problem, we still miss Africa…….if we could we would put all our beloved people and places into one compound and not have separations anymore….. well that will be heaven…..

Above you see the 1. children choir in our living room with one of the ladies helping, 2. cutting of Shekinah’s cake for her 6th birthday on the 3th of May(in our kitchen), 3. sunset during a fishing tour with friends, 4. Shekinah, I and a little friend from bale class 5. some of my students from the Missions high school where I teach Music, at a parade 6th During the Easter service, students dramatizing Moses and the first Passover, and later the dinner with Jesus and his disciples, absolutely awesome,7. Shekinah and friends on our beloved tree house in the back yard, 8th having great rides with pastors daughter, Felicia……these are just some insights into the world we are living in here. We cannot express well how much this season means to us, and how blessed we are to be home with family, friends and a city .

Thank you for all your support and prayers…..May Paraguay celebrate fully jubilee, like many other nations already are entering into God;s purpuses, and also may God raise his great mena dn women from this place for the last harvest. We miss you and love you……most welcome into our spacious home Big blessings and love to all, your sister in Christ, Hedi



  1. am very delight to here that may the name of the lord be praise.
    we missed you too but spiritually we are together.
    thanks abundantly am WANI FELIX IN KENYA

  2. Mama Shekinah, ich habe soeben Dein Zeugnis von dem Heimgang Deines Mannes und der Geburt Deines Kindes in einer Fernsehsendung vom ERF in Deutschland gesehen. Es hat mich tief berührt. Und ich musste vor Dankbarkeit weinen, wie unser Herr Jesus Dich aus diesem dunklen Tal auf die Spitze des Berges gebracht hat. In Deutschland singen wir in einem Lied: “In DIR ist Freude in allem Leide, oh Du lieber Jesus Christ.!
    Ich bin ev. Theologe. Journalist, Buchautor und Fernsehmoderator. Wenn Du meinen Namen “Klempnauer” googlest,, findest viele informationen über meine Arbeit und auch 50 TV-Sendungen, die Du anklicken kannst. Meine Mutter war auch Mennonitin. Und in Kanada habe ich in vielen Mennoniten-Gemeinden gepredigt.
    Gott segne Dich, Deine Shekinah und die vielen Menschen, denen Du von der unbegreiflichen Liebe Jesu erzählst. iCH WÜRDE MICH FREUEN; WENN dU ANTWORTEST: Günther Klempnauer

  3. You’re story is so inspiring. To see the love for Jesus in you, to hear how much you love and serve and obey our Master is soo amazing, inspite of you’re tragedy which does not seem like a tragedy, but so much beauty, love, peace, joy, grace and forgiveness in it. It blessed my heart to see you so happy with you’re little one and the rest of God’s children. I pray that God bless you and you’re loved ones, grant you yor hearts desires and supply all yor needs.

  4. You are welcome to stay with us when and if you ever visit South Africa, Cape Town.
    Bless you and your family
    Leon & Vircilla Halliday

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